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ONTO records

To be able to perform your basic activities and avoid penalties for irregular or incomplete documentation, Interseroh Croatia offers its clients services of keeping records on waste.

Services regarding ONTO records 

According to the Act on Sustainable Waste Management (OG 94/13) Art. 45, a person who produces waste while carrying out their business operations and a person carrying out waste management operations shall keep a Register of Waste Generation and Waste Streams for each type of waste.


The evidentiary record of the occurrence and course of waste consists of:

  • the record form for each type of waste
  • associated sheets for each type of waste


Data in ONTO must be noted down thoroughly up-to-date after each change of condition and the record must be kept for 5 years. The person who obtained the permit referred to in Article 83 (a waste dealer, a person registered in a recycling yard register, a public utility provider for mixed general waste collection and a public service provider for the collection of biodegradable waste) is obligated to keep it exclusively via e-onto online application. The Ordinance on the Environmental Pollution Register (OG 87/15) regulates the manner and deadlines for the submission of waste data to the Environmental Pollution Register.


Services we offer:

  • Creating the record of waste origin and processing - ONTO form
  • Keeping record of waste emergence and its course - ONTO form
  • Filling the associated sheets for unsafe and hazardous waste - PL-O
  • Creating a declaration of hazardous waste - DFKSO form

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